Meet Karen Wazen: The Lebanese-British Fashion Entrepreneur And Influencer Who Launched Her Own Mobile Game App

Photo Credit: Karen Wazen

Karen Wazen is a 34-year-old Lebanese-British fashion entrepreneur and digital influencer based in Dubai. A designer of her own fashion brand, ‘Karen Wazen Eyewear’, the entrepreneur has now launched something new – a mobile game app!

Titled ‘Karen Wazen: My World’, the interactive game is based on Karen Wazen’s real life, similar to the game, ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’.

The free mobile game has many levels that allows users to re-live Karen’s journey with moments such as graduating in London, getting married and becoming a mother and an entrepreneur in Dubai. 

The game is available in English and Arabic.

Karen came up with the idea to create a game when she found playing games with her family to be a big stress-reliever during the lockdown last year (2020).

In statement, she said: “Like so many people during lockdown, we had to think of creative ways of having fun and stay positive during those uncertain times. What sparked the idea for developing the app was discovering how stress relieving playing games with the family was — both online and offline.

“And with this, we’re so excited to be introducing ‘Karen Wazen: My World,’ a free app where we can connect with our followers beyond Instagram and around the world, where users can get to know my story and be a part of my world through a fun, lighthearted game.”

Featured characters include Karen’s husband, Elias Bakhazi and her mother.

For users to go to the next level, they have to complete tasks like decorating Karen’s home, being the wedding planner and styling her looks.