Buddhist Monk Rescued From Cave In Thailand After Being Trapped For Four Days

Photo Credit: AP

After being trapped in a cave for four days, a Buddhist monk has finally been rescued by a group of divers!

In Thailand, 46-year-old Phra Manas walked into the Phra Sai Ngam cave to meditate, but an unexpected rainstorm flooded parts of the cave, trapping him inside. 

The rescue team stated in a Facebook post that the monk was reported missing by local villagers.

Due to the rising water levels, the rescue team couldn’t go into the cave, however when the rain subsided, seventeen divers entered and proceeded with the rescue effort. 

Photo Credits: BBC

A video posted by the rescue team showed the monk wearing a diving mask while being led to safety by a 12-meter swim underwater. He was later taken to hospital for observation.

We’re happy Phra Manas is safe and sound!