Murry Rogers And New England Patriots Player Justin Herron Save An Elderly Woman From Sexual Assault

Justin Herron (left) and Murry Rogers (right). Photo Credits: @TempePolice Twitter

NFL player Justin Herron and local resident Murry Rogers, both did courageous and selfless acts that deserve all the praise! 

While the 25-year-old football player was training in a park located in Tempe, Arizona, he and a local resident, Murry Rogers, helped stop the sexual assault of a 71-year-old woman. 

The police said a 30-year-old suspect was seen pushing the woman to the ground in the park and attempted to sexually assault her. Herron and Rogers intervened and held the suspect until law enforcement arrived on the scene. 

They were both presented with the “Outstanding Citizen” award by the Arizona Police Department.

Detective Natalie Barela of the Tempe Police Department, said at the press conference: “If not for the swift actions of Mr. Justin Herron and Mr. Murry Rogers, this vicious attack could’ve been much worse.”

Herron recalled the emotions felt in that exact moment, causing him to spring into action: “You see it in movies and TV all the time, but you never think it’s going to happen in real life until it does. In that moment, I was in shock,” he said.

“In the moment, I wish I could tell you what I was thinking. I just knew someone just needed help,” he continued. “All I could do was just rush myself over there to make sure I could help the victim and make sure I could comfort her and be the best person I can be.”

The woman saved from the vicious attack met with Herron and Rogers to thank them for their help. She referred to the two men as “her angels.”