Dante Bowe Says He Feels Closer To God Following Maverick City Music Split

Dante Bowe
Credit: Christian Broadcasting Network

Christian musician Dante Bowe has said that he feels closer to God following his split from Maverick City Music.

Dante, who recently released his new single Hide Me, apologised last year after the worship band paused their relationship with him for behaviour that went against their “core values and beliefs”.

In a recent interview with Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), Dante said: “I feel healthier than ever. Better than ever. Brighter than ever. Feel closer to God.”

He continued: “You know, God’s going to use people and things to catapult you into your next step. So, I don’t think it was like something that shouldn’t have happened. I think it should have happened because now I have this incredible team. I’ve rebuilt my infrastructure with the most incredible people and most incredible producer, John John, who’s helped me release Hide Me, and this entire album Press Play.

“I don’t think that would have happened if, you know, just certain things didn’t occur. The trials are not in vain. Nothing is wasted. Nothing’s in vain.”

Credit: Christian Broadcasting Network

Dante added: “I wanted more of Jesus when I went through that, you know what I mean? And I think that’s the point of it all. Sometimes, you know, those things happen so we can draw near right. So, I felt very close to Him in that season.

“Also, just the team He put around me. I felt so blessed. My friends are with me the entire time.  It was really a fabulous time and I felt really, really blessed. And how can you not run to Him after, you know, feeling so overwhelmed by His presence and His blessings.”

The 29 year old also revealed that he still has a good relationship with Maverick City, as well as Bethel Music.

We’re glad Dante is doing well and we pray God continues to guide him.


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