Master P’s Son Hercy Miller Signs $2 Million Deal With Tech Company Web Apps America

We recently reported that the NCAA Board of Governors approved an interim policy that gives student-athletes the ability to profit from sponsorship opportunities involving their name, image and likeness for the first time ever.

Well it looks like Master P’s Son Hercy Miller did not waste time in getting to business!

The HBCU incoming freshman has signed a two-million dollar deal with the technology company Web Apps America.

In a statement, Hercy said: “It’s a blessing and I’m happy to get a deal like this and I think it was needed. It was time to change players making a name for a school and not being rewarded. Players should be rewarded for their hard work.”

Speaking about what he will do with his money, the 6-foot-3 guard continued: “My first thing was to give back and help the youth and the elderly in the community. I’m not one of those kids that likes to splurge my money. I’m definitely saving money and I’m going to make investments into the future.”

A master entrepreneur himself, Master P also spoke about his son’s business deal.

“We’ve always been successful, and that’s what I told (TSU coach Brian Collins); we’re not changing and this is only the beginning. We’re not going to stop until other kids are able to get deals like this made,” Master P said. “Where companies see their talent and say, ‘Let me invest in these kids because I know they’re going to be bigtime stars in the future.’ “

Hercy is set to play college basketball at Tennessee State University.