Mother Of 5 Tia Beestokes Celebrates Entering Remission And Having ZERO Cancer Cells

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We are so glad to report that professional dancer and mother of five Tia Beestokes has zero cancer cells! Tia announced the amazing news via Instagram with a boomerang of her leaping into the air.

Her caption read: “LET’S CELEBRATE for NO CANCER CELLS. This is BIG and I’m grateful. Today I learned from my doctor it takes 2 years from my transplant day to be considered ‘cured’ or ‘cancer free’ so he told me to keep fighting.”

Beestoke’s older brother was her stem cell donor for her bone marrow transplant.

She continued, “Thank you so much for all the prayers, love and support. THE LORD IS GOOD. “

Documenting her journey, Tia had been fighting acute myeloid leukaemia for almost one year. Showcasing all her challenges which included having coronavirus and being away from her family for months due to being at hospital, Tia’s consistent faith in God and positivity inspired many.

A professional dancer, Tia would always post TikTok videos encouraging the world to ‘dance with her through cancer’ – including her doctors and nurses.

Her story encourages us to be grateful for good health and for each day we get.

A strong and inspiring woman, we are so glad to hear this amazing news! We wish her more good health, more joy and more dancing!