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Gifted 12-Year-Old Alena Wicker Graduates From High School And Wants To Work For NASA

Alena Wicker – a genius 12-year-old who has graduated from High School after thriving in her homeschool classes, wants to shoot for the stars and work for NASA! Already accepted into university, Alena plans to attend Arizona State University, bringing her a step closer towards her goal in becoming a NASA engineer. Dr. Daphne McQuarter, Alena’s mom, shared, “At four

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29-year-old Cancer Survivor Hayley Arceneaux Becomes Youngest American Set To Visit Space

Cancer survivor Hayley Arceneaux will conclude 2021 by being the youngest American to embark on a  journey to space, unaccompanied by any professional astronaut.  Hayley Arceneaux was the first individual chosen for the mission Inspiration4x along with three other people by space enthusiast and CEO of Shift4 Payments, Jared Isaacman. He hopes to raise $200 million for St Jude’s Children’s

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9-Year-Old Helps Thousands Of People With Hearing Loss By Inspiring “Ally’s Act”

Nine-year-old Ally Tumblin helped thousands of individuals with hearing deficiency by writing a letter to her local congressman to make it mandatory for insurance companies to cover hearing aid expenses.  Her letter reads, “Dear congressman Joe Neguse, my name is Ally Tumblin and I am in the third grade. I go to Mountview Elementary School in Broomfield.  “I was born

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