Kenny Ikeji: From East London to Harvard

Congratulations to Kenny Ikeji! The Brampton Manor student is heading off to Harvard university!

Achieving 3 A*s, Kenny is attending Harvard on a full scholarship as a recruited athlete for the Harvard Track & Field Varsity team. He will be studying computer science.

The 18-year-old, who’s from Dagenham, Essex, also achieved 11A* during his GCSEs.

After collecting his results, he said: “The feeling is good and seeing everyone happy as well is great because during the two years (of study) everyone was stressed out but on a day like this, it is as if all the hard work has paid off.

“There are lots of people going to Oxford and Cambridge and I am not surprised because you would expect it when you see how hard everyone here works. Once they had their university offers, there was a new fire in them to study to make sure they got the grades to go.”

Speaking about Brampton Manor, Kenny stated: “It is peer pressure because when everybody around you is studying, you see your friends getting better grades and then you want to get better grades. The teachers all push us and they make you want to do well so that you want to work. They do not force you to do it.”

Huge congratulations to Kenny!